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It depends on what you are looking for, we suggest you contact our sales team to validate your needs.

The data of our customers that is synchronized are stored off-site in a secure datacenter in Canada where all equipment is redundant to ensure that data is accessible at all times. Besides the fact that your data is encrypted while in transit over the Internet and when stored, access to the site is protected by staff, magnetic cards, biometric scanners to ensure that no one have unauthorized access to your data.

Unfortunately we have decided not to offer our services to hourly rate only. As the management of computer networks of the customers who subscribe to our managed service plans requires a lot of care and diligence, we cannot mobilize our technical resources to provide responsive services hourly.

Yes, the data that is saved through our business continuity service remains in Canada at all time.

Absolutely. We are open to customers of all sizes from the moment you are serious in your efforts to maintain properly your computer network and that it is critical to your operations.

We are currently accepting checks, bank transfers, and also pre-authorized debits.